Sue Furey

Sue has been practicing yoga for 25+ years and is IYTA trained and teaching for 5.

She teaches a variety of classes including beginners, ante natal, restorative/therapeutic  and general..

Sue was introduced to Iyengar yoga in 1982 . This has definitely influenced her own teaching methods and she emphasizes the importance of ‘yoking’ body  breath and mind’ whilst doing asana practice, in order to deepen the experience.

Sue feels blessed to have been a member of Tauranga Yoga Centre for the past 18 years where she learned from a variety of brilliant teachers, who selflessly shared their knowledge, time, and energy to encourage and assist new teachers like her, along the path. Her yoga teaching and journey has been strongly influenced by these teachers and it is still evolving.

Sue feels her own life has been enhanced in so many ways, by embracing and practicing Yoga and she learns from her students in every class.