Welcome to the Tauranga Yoga Centre

Located in Tauranga City, the Tauranga Yoga Centre has been bringing yoga classes to your community since 1972. We are an Incorporated Society registered with the Charities Commission and governed by an elected committee.

Our Vision

To offer our community affordable Yoga classes to enable as many people as possible to discover and practice Yoga.

Our Mission

To provide a safe and welcoming environment for members and casual students to practice yoga in.
To ensure that our teachers are professional and trained to an appropriate standard.
To ensure TYC remains non-aligned to any one yoga practice or philosophy.

With the stunning Waikareo Estuary on its doorstep, the light and spacious premises are well equipped and the teachers are wonderful and qualified.

Offering a full range of yoga classes and Yoga workshops, the centre attracts and welcomes a wide range of ages and abilities. Please note: From time to time the TYC Management Committee may deem it necessary to cancel scheduled class.  These cancellations will be notified .

The benefits of Yoga are numerous and it may assist you to:

• Improve your health
• Release stress and tension
• Experience peace of mind
• Develop a fit and healthy body
• Preparation for birth
• Avoid sports injuries
• Increase your ability to concentrate
• Breathe for life and vitality
• Stretch your limits

The classes range from beginner to general, and more intensive classes and are offered in workshops. If you are new to Yoga, your teacher will guide you every step of the way, so please feel comfortable knowing that we cater for all ability levels.

Students are encouraged at all times to work at their own pace and at their own level. Anyone who wishes to practice Yoga will be able to practice it in some way, and our Yoga Teachers always demonstrate alternative poses to ensure everyone can participate in the class.

Each instructor has their own style allowing students to find an approach that best suits them. From time to time, visiting instructors offer another dimension to the centre’s varied programme.

Please also read TYC Constitution: constitiution TYC-1-1 -2-final

To find out more, please get in touch with the Tauranga Yoga Centre on 022 350 3891 or email info@taurangayoga.org.nz