AGM order of business:

  • Chairs Welcome: Annemiek McGregor
  • Apologies: Tabitha Gwynne
  • Minutes of previous Society’s AGM –Matters arising: Tabitha Gwynne
  • Correspondence in/out: Tabitha Gwynne
  • Chairman’s report on the business of the society for 2019: Annemiek McGregor
  • Financial Performance Report & auditors review 2019: Tracy Hale/Sue Furey
  • Election of officers and committee: Annemiek McGregor
  • Nominations for returning and new TYC  Committee members: Annemiek McGregor
  • Executive Council-Election of new member Curly West. Annemiek Mcgregor
  • General Business:
  • Motions to be considered

Refreshments & nibbles served