Mums and Bubs

Yoga For Mums and Bubs

6-week course, Wednesdays, 11am-12:30pm

Classes from 23 Jan 2019 @ Tauranga Yoga Centre, Elizabeth St West

6 week block dates for the 2019 are as follows:

29 May to 3 July

10 July to 14 August

21 August to 25 September

2 October to 6 November

13 November to 18 December

Book your spot with Karen Waddicor today! 021 165 6464 or

Cost: $50 for 6-weeks or $100 for a term fee -so you can attend other classes as well

Mums and Bubs yoga can help you:
Relieve tension in your shoulders from feeding and carrying – Strengthen and lengthen your lower back muscles – Regain core strength and stability for everyday mama life – Boost energy levels (we all know about sleep deprivation!) – Relax body and mind with calming poses and mindfulness – Share experiences with other mamas. And remember! – You can feed your baby or take a break when you need to. – If you want to stay in child’s pose the whole time, that’s fine! – If you miss a class, you’ll get a credit for the next course.