·       TYC will be closing on Sunday 16th December for five weeks.

·       There will be a cleaning bee after the 9am class (starting approximately 10.40am) on Sunday 16th. All members are welcome! Please bring gardening tools or cleaning equipment (such as buckets, gloves).

·       Some holiday classes will be available for the two weeks from Monday 7th to Friday 18th January. There will be a minimum $10 donation to attend these classes and all funds raised will go towards future TYC renovations.

·       Term 1 will begin 21st January 2019.

·       The term fee for 2019 is $100 per twelve-week term. Casual attendance will remain unchanged at $15 per class.

But wait More TYC News ……

Posted today

  • Committee drew the props raffle on 20/122/18 and the very happy winner was Sue Warren and the raffle raised over $400 which will be added to the ‘TYC upgrade fund.’
  • A huge ‘thank you’ from TYC Committee for all of the people who volunteered to assist us with the planning process involved in the upgrade project. The response from our members was truly heart-warming and their offers of assistance invaluable.
  • We had offers from 2 architects; 2 structural  engineers; 1 civil engineer; an electrician and a plumber
  • What we still require is a planner; a fire engineer and a project manager.
  • There was no class on the roster for Sunday morning 16/12/18 (before the cleaning bee). The good news is:-there will be a class.

Namaste TYC committee