Rosie Holland Workshop

On Saturday 25th & Sunday 26th November

Rosie is doing a 2 x day 9 hour Iyengar workshop.

Cost =$175 for the 9 hrs 

Register at:  info@taurangayoga.org.nz

Prepay to TYC  account 38 9004 0616591 00

Please Click here for Flier     tauranga November Workshop 2017logo



Next Yin Yoga workshops

with Sue Furey

 2nd December 2017

Cost $35 pp-

Time: 1-3.30 pm 

Let’s play a little and explore some poses in a quiet ‘Yin’ manner. This will assist you to rest the body & the brain & to quieten the mind.

Poses practiced in a Yin manner help us to stretch  the fascia tissue and to breathe well.

The rhythmic flow of  a deeper breath helps to stimulate the  parasympathetic nervous system which is our ‘rest and digest’ response.

This in turn assists with healing both mind and body

To register or if you have questions please Contact Sue on:- fureys@kinect.co.nz-To pay online acc no is: 38 9004  840024-00